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The name Pulse was founded on the premise of a bygone musical genre of the 90’s called trip-hop. It was during one evening when Ernie Lim, one of the founders, was listening to Massive Attack’s Teardrops and everything just clicked in his head. As the rhythmic throbbing beat pulses behind the background, the whole concept and narrative of the brand image started falling into place.  The hauntingly dark and private mood of the song had drawn him to build the style around it. From how the brand looks, behave and even dictates the line of cakes they offer. Desserts are very personal. We crave it when we are blissful or in love and we also have it when we are depressed or lonely. It’s rooted in emotions and that’s what makes us alive, like a beating PULSE.  The founders of Pulse Patisserie wanted their customers to be in that personal space where they foster their relationship with desserts. The aim is to nurture than to spoil, to indulge and yet to restrain, to strike a balance like all things in life.

Pulse was created by three partners, all chefs by training but decided to branch out to their own expertise later on. A pastry chef who builds and layers the flavor of the cake passed onto the cake artist who meticulously decorates it. Finally, the marketer ties it all together and sells the cake. From creations like Salted Egg Yolk Cream Puffs, Cake Capsules, and Cake Personas, the team is whipped to peaks to producing playful ideas of desserts. It’s the teamwork and camaraderie that reflects what Pulse is today, providing a different view on pastries and to demonstrate a more profound understanding of the taste ‘sweet’.